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Panel Conversion
Siemens Van Dorn Demag Pathfinder OP398 and OP400
Van Dorn OP398 Siemens Pathfinder

You have found the place that electronics repair shops have used for years. We replace faulty displays that are used in the Van Dorn Demag Siemens Pathfinder ControllerOP398 andOP400. We replace with a BRAND NEW display. One year factory warranty.

Below is a display from a Van Dorn Demag Siemens Pathfinder OP398. Fire Hazard!

OP398 OP400 Siemens Pathfinder Display damaged.

Out with the old and in with the NEW. Contact us for a factory install of your NEW EL display.

We have converted many EL8358MS screens for customers who have been at the mercy of the OEM for a fraction of the cost of an OEM retro fit.

Capetronics Retrofit EL Display for EL8358MS.

The new small foot print EL display converter board for CAMAC VEL and CAMAC XTL from Cincinnati Milacron controllers are out in the field. Installation done by Capetronics Inc. www.capetronics.com Of course we need your old EL8358MS display as an exchange. We install a brand new EL display with a full 1 year factory warranty.

CAMAC XTL and CAMAC VEL display and controller repair

This is the OLD display in a Cincinnati Milacron CAMAC XTL and CAMAC VEL controller pictured below. We will replace it with a brand new EL display with all the features of modern technology. So if your controller happens not to power up one day, don't think or let anyone charge you an arm and leg to get you up and running.

Out with the old EL8358MS display and in with the New EL display. Professional workmanship. Nothing but the best for your CAMAC VEL and CAMAC XTL controller from Cincinnati Milacron.

Converter Bd for Sharp LJ640U32 LJ640U327 LJ640U34 LJ640U35 LJ640U31 Panels.

We will have the first prototype converter board completed this year. We hope to provide you with a completed product by 2007. This converter will convert LJ640U31, LJ640U32, LJ640U34 and LJ640U35 including the LJ640U27 displays so that they can be replaced by a current NEW Capetronics retrofits. We will also manufacture the converter bezel so that you simply have to "drop in" your brand new conversion. We ONLY use BRAND NEW displays. We will need your old display as an exchange.

This is complete drop-in retrofit with a brand new el display for all Engels using the EC88 controller computer. We will furnish machine model numbers in the next few weeks. ES700-200 Engel injection molding machine is one. Some models of retrofits have an extra fan, digital hour meter that only Capetronics Inc can reset back to zero once we have performed a predictive and preventive maintenance program on them. These programs are in blocks of 10 000 hours. After 10 000 hours we will send you a loaner display and we will replace all heat and time sensitive components. this is a great program if you DO NOT believe in "Run to Failure Maintenance" .


Converter PCB for the Obsolete EL8358MS to Capetronics Retrofit. Factory Install Only.

Converter PCB to convert Obsolete Sharp EL panels to Current Capetronics Panels.