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Obsolete Sharp, Finlux and Planar Repairs & Retrofits

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About Us
This is a subdivision of Capetronics Inc. Please visit www.capetronics.com for more information.

We understand that time is of the utmost importance when your machine or product line is down and we pride ourselves in providing emergency repairs to EL Displays from Sharp and Planar. We service customers from all over the world. Since we only specialize in panel repair we have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge concerning the subject and we pass that knowledge and know-how onto you. We have state-of-art equipment from Huntron, ABI and Lixi. We have gone to vast lengths to beef up the Quality Department. We also use non destructive testing using VI testing and X-Ray imaging.



Company history
This is a division of Capetronics Inc and EL Panel repairs started at Capetronics Inc We repair EL Panel repairs for Planar, Finlux and Sharp EL panels. E.g LJ640U32, LJ640u34, LJ640U31, LJ640U35, EL8358MS, EL8358HS, EL640.400-C3, EL640.200 etc. More importantly we prefer to replace with NEW displays.

Customer testimonials
We would like to thank the very helpful technicians at Capetronics for the repair of one Planar EL8358MS display and the conversion of the other. Our entire semiconductor facility depended on two machines to operate and both were down. Thank You J.R USA

Even though we are thousands of miles away from where Capetronics performs their magic, the service was speedy and the display worked great.-Australia.

We purchase screens from Capetronics Inc and we are very happy with their service. Even though the screens are not new, they look new and we have never had a problem- Germany

Thank You for your on going service. The OEM wanted $12 000.00 to retro fit our controller because the screen went bad and the technicians at Capetronics got us up and running within 24 hours. - USA Plastics.